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Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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The Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask delivers two ingredients directly into the skin: Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. This powerful combination penetrates overnight to reveal plump, voluminous and bright skin. Each patch is made up of 150 micro cones of pure Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to assist in deep product penetration. After application, the mask will dissolve into the targeted area. 

Recommended for use under the eyes, on crow's feet, nasolabial folds, or frown lines. Choose the area you are most concerned with and apply. 

To use: One a week, peel off the adhesive edges and place the mask onto your preferred area. Gently press in and leave on the skin overnight. In the morning, peel off the mask and follow with your routine. 

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