At Luxe Atelier, each Body Treatment includes detoxification techniques to help smooth, tone, and balance out the body from head to toe. The products used in these treatments include biologically active ingredients with concentrated formulas to help restore a more balanced silhouette.  We believe the belly is vour bodies second brain so paying particular attention to this area is important to our practices – focusing on the stomach helps to open the lymphatic channels and help promote the removal of toxins. At Luxe Atelier, our body treatment room features a private en suite shower for additional comfort and relaxation.

Le Luxe Body Scrub (60 min) $200

The Le Luxe full body scrub frees the skin from dead skin cells and impurities to stimulate cell renewal. Through a combination of fruit acids, essential oils and specialty exfoliation gloves, this treatment deeply exfoliates for smoother, softer skin. After a detoxifying belly massage, we utilize a double exfoliation technique with chemical and manual exfoliation products. Before your hyper-customized body serums and cremes are applied, you will step into your private shower to wash off and feel your new restored skin! You will leave feeling restored, hydrated and radiant.


Slim and Sculpt (90 min) $300 

The Slim and Scupt is a draining treatment that helps to break down excess fat and eliminates excess water from the tissues while reducing the appearance of cellulite and the “dimpling effect” on stubborn problem areas of the body. A professional slimming Booster is applied using a series of pinching and rolling techniques that loosen fat deposits and improve circulation in the lymphatic drainage system. Customized serums and body-contouring creams are then applied using a body massage glove to further promote lipolysis (fat breakdown) and tissue clearing action. Treatment areas are arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks.


Biologique Detox Algae Wrap (75 min) $275 

Ouradvanced Biologique Detox Algae Wrap is a slimming treatment that gives your body a smoother and firmer look and feel. Active marine ingredients such as French seaweed, cypress and lemon wrap are applied to the
entire body and covered to stimulate microcirculation and dissolve unwanted, localized fat. After applied, you will relax in a full body Infared blanket to further help detoxify and sweat out impurities. This treatment is highly detoxifying, helping to eliminate toxins and excess water build up. Customized body serums and cremes are then applied leaving your skin toned and creating a beautifully refined body contour. 


CVS Lift (90 minutes) $325

The CVS Lift is a truly one-of-a-kind firming and re-sculpting treatment to target sagging skin problem areas. This treatment includes a unique formulation of liquid and powder complex provide both chemical and physical exfoliation. Products are applied using a sequence of lifting and sculpting techniques that refine the skin’s texture. Customized serums and cremes are then applied to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body and moisturize the skin. Your skin is softer, visibly firmer, and LIFTED. Ideal for skin instants lacking elasticity and tone.