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Serum Progeskin

Serum Progeskin

Introducing the NEW Serum Progeskin! 

Slows down Cell Senescence and helps rid the skin of zombie cells!
Add this protective and corrective serum to your routine today! 

What It Is 

Progeskin defies the visible signs of skin senescence. Its dual-action formula targets 2 key proteins involved in this phenomenon: progerin and Klotho protein, delivering unprecedented epidermal rejuvenation. Skin is firmer, more toned and plumper. Facial features are smoothed, wrinkles and fine lines visibly reduced. Skin looks younger and more rested.


Counteracts the skin aging process 
Affects the synthesis of 2 proteins involved in skin again process; Progeskin and Klotho 
Promotes cellular longevity to slow down skin aging 
Reverses the sign of premature aging 


For full ingredients list please contact the Luxe Atelier team. 

How-to Use 

Apply a few drops morning and evening onto the entire face, neck and décolleté working in upwards motions until completely absorbed.

Efficacy Tests 

Ex-Vivo tests of donors after 10 days…
26.6% reduction in progerin expression which equates to a 12.7 year epidermal rejuvenation (before Progeskin skin was aged 51.9 years old, after 10 days skin had the epidermis of a 39.2 year old)
In-Vivo testing; 21 females aged 45-69 YO. 
After 56 days skin firmness improved by 23% and Elasticity improved by 19% 

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Customer Reviews

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Regena Frieden
Magic in a bottle

While it is still early, I’m seeing good progress and think this serum might be magic. Cautiously hopeful that I’ve found something to help with my skin integrity, collagen and health. All signs point to yes. Luxe Atelier is the best in this region!